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The Parish Needs Your Support!

Please help by giving the benefit of Gift Aid.

If you are a Tax Payer the Goverment will ADD 25p for every pound that you donate.

The Gift Aid Scheme

St Joseph’s Church is part of the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton, which is a registered charity. Under the Government’s Gift Aid scheme, for every £1 given by someone who has completed a simple Gift Aid Declaration, we can reclaim 25p from the tax man. The only condition for becoming a Gift Aid donor is that you are a taxpayer and you pay at least an equivalent amount of UK Income Tax and /or Capital Gains Tax (the Gift Aid Declaration states these conditions in full).

We can claim Gift Aid on all your offertory donations, on some second collections (eg flowers, Christmas & Easter offerings), and any other donations you make to this church.

If you donate by standing order, you can still Gift Aid your second collections by using a yellow envelope, available beside the hymn books.  These yellow envelopes can also be used for any one-off donations by tax-paying donors.  

Many thanks for your support.