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A safe harbour or landing place for returning Catholics to explore and share their faith with 8 or 9 attending Catholics

LANDINGS is based on the belief

  • That is is possible to speak openly about what we believe, to share our faith and learn from one another
  • That this can be achieved by working in small groups made up of both active Catholics and those who wish to return to the Church
  • That the road to reconciliation is worth taking and, for many, is most rewarding when journeyed with othe travellers

LANDINGS means Listening and Being Listened to.

It offers time and space to explore afresh where God had been in your life and in the lives of other Catholics.

Where He is now in you, in others, and in today's Church

LANDINGS works - because it is straightforward, unthreatening and honest


  • the 'saved' welcoming the 'sinner'
  • People pressurising others to return
  • Full of answers to teach the unenlightened
  • Blind to the hurt the Church may have caused someone


  • an opportunity to come and be reconciled.


The group meets for an hour and a half weekly for about eight weeks concluding with a day or half day of reflection, reconciliatin and celebration.



If you would like to know more about Landings and how it operates in this parish, please write to or email the parish office.