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My Lord, we ask that you will be present especially to our relatives, friends, those in hospital and in care in the local community. Be close to all who are sick around the world. Be close to the sick in our Parish Family. Be close to those who minister to the sick and dying.

In these difficult and challenging times - We pray that your healing power may bring them peace in affliction, light in darkness and comfort in pain. We also pray that we ourselves may lighten the burden of the sick, through our sympathy and friendship, but especially through the prayers we offer on their behalf today and every day.

In the Year of Saint Joseph, we continue to seek his powerful intercession, and also that of Our Lady, Mother of Christ and Our Mother. As we journey into Lent, you might find the following litany helpful in your daily prayer:

Litany of Compassion FOR THE SICK.

Lord, have mercy, – LORD, HAVE MERCY.
Christ, have mercy, – CHRIST HAVE MERCY.
Lord, have mercy, – LORD, HAVE MERCY.

  • When pain and distress is overwhelming,
    – LORD, BE CLOSE TO GIVE YOUR COMFORT. (repeat after each line)
  • When the healing process goes slower than hoped,
  • When terrified by treatments or therapy,
  • When it is hard to let go of long-held plans,
  • When the feeling of alienation arises,
  • When worn out and weary,
  • When troubled by impatience and negativity,
  • When loneliness adds to anxiety,
  • When sickness makes it difficult to communicate,
  • When discouragement or despondency sets in,
  • When fear makes it impossible to face the future,
  • When the ravages of disease attack self-esteem,
  • When anger and resentment assail,
  • When beset by worry or fretfulness,
  • When it is hard to rely on others for care,
  • When envy arises toward those who are healthy,
  • When pessimism or cynicism holds sway,
  • When anguish is intensified by the need for reconciliation,
  • When sickness is mistaken for punishment,
  • When loved ones are far away,
  • When sickness causes financial hardship that leads to worry or despair,
  • When afflicted by the feeling of nothing to hope for,
  • When weakness makes it impossible to even think,
  • When friends draw back fearful of disease,
  • When illness makes those, who are suffering moody or irritable,
  • When haunted by regret and the shame of past sins,
  • When it is difficult to sleep,
  • When there is loss of appetite,
  • When there is resistance to necessary change,
  • When tempted by denial,
  • When nobody seems to understand,
  • When bound to home or when restricted in movement,
  • When listlessness and apathy threaten,
  • When medication seems to make things worse,
  • When all that is needed is a caring touch,
  • When it is impossible to maintain familiar routines,
  • When it is hard to find the strength to go on,
  • When it becomes difficult to pray,
  • When suffering of any sort becomes hard to bear,
  • When death draws near, – LORD, BE CLOSE TO GIVE YOUR COMFORT.

Let us pray: Most merciful Father, Your beloved Son showed special compassion to lepers, tenderness to those long sick, and healing to the infirm before Him. We place before You all those who are ill and in need of healing grace. May the love and mercy of the Divine Physician raise up all who suffer from sickness and restore them to health and peace. We ask this in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Our Father…


Catholics and our fellow Christians often consider that in the fall of death they should have greater faith and not be racked with doubts, anxieties and questions. We are all different. Sometimes the death of a love one can bring consolation and peace, but at other times we can be surprised at how traumatised we are by the whole experience. It is important to know that such feelings are normal and just to be able to talk them through with someone else can bring peace and consolation. At Saint Joseph’s we will always do our best to support you. We will make every effort to help plan the best possible funeral liturgy - to give your love one, your friend, the beauty and prayerfulness of the Holy Mass. With our prayers and the Rite of the Funeral Mass we commend their soul to Almighty God. Heaven is about a family reunion and heaven is not on another planet or in another solar system - it's on our doorstep. The souls of the virtuous are in the hands of God. They have fought the good fight; they have done their best while they lived here on earth. We seek clemency for their sins from the Lord of Divine Mercy. If they go into the Mist of Mercy they go with our prayers and the prayer of the Holy Mass in every language around the world.

It's not easy coping with death but the Lord did say and promise: "Blessed are those who mourn, they shall be comforted". He also said: "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God still and TRUST IN ME. There are many rooms in My Father's house; if there were not, I should have told you. I am going now to prepare a place for you, and after I have gone and prepared you a place, I shall return to take you with Me; so that where I am, YOU MAY BE TOO". Jn 14:1-3