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Tour of Our Church

Like all Catholic churchs old and new, our church is full of symbolism and signs.

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Our tour starts as we enter the glass doors into the porch area. Look up on the walls above the doors.

Lady Chapel

Turn left through the double doors into the Lady chapel. A quiet space dedicated to our Lady for private prayer during the week but also used by young families at Sunday masses.

Body of the Church

Back to the porch and enter the main body of the church.


The most important area in the church, the sanctuary is where the Mass is celebrated. The Sanctuary Screen provides a suitably spectacular backdrop to the sanctuary. With the large clear glass window behind, the screen is naturally lit all year round.


The Altar will always be the most prominent object within the sanctuary. The holy table on which the sacrifice of the Mass is offered. The Altar has been consecrated by the bishop. It also contains relics of the saints. It is always treated with great reverence and is kissed by the priest at the beginning and after Mass. The Altar is also honoured by burning incense during some services.


If the sanctuary is the most important area in the church, the tabernacle is the most important object. The living heart of the church. The tabernacle is a shrine which contains the Blessed Sacrament, the consecrated Body of Christ. The Blessed Sacrament is reserved in the tabernacle so that we can pray in the presence of our Lord at any time.


Ambo (or lectern) from here the Word of God (Scripture) is proclaimed during the Mass and other liturgies. If the Altar is the 'first table', the ambo is the 'second table', of the word. Homilies, sermons and prayers are often given from the Ambo.


The Aumbry is the place where the holy oils are kept, used for baptism, confirmation and annointing of the sick. The oils are blessed at the Easter vigil and kept in the Aumbry until needed.


The most dramatic feature of our church is the sunken font.

St. Francis of Assisi's Courtyard

St. Francesco d'Assisi courtyard was donated by the Italian community of Epsom in 2000 AD. A peaceful courtyard to sit and meditate in the open air without disruption.

Canon Christall Hall

Available for Bookings up to 160 (if dining) and 250 (not dining). Hall can be partitioned on request to make a more intimate space, either one third or two thirds space.


Available for preparation of tea/coffee/soft drinks and light refreshments. Also equipped for hot meal preparation. Equipped with water heater, oven, hob and refrigerator.

Westlake Room

Available to hire. Suitable for a maximum of 30 people seated.

Outside Space

On the hill above Epsom town centre, our beautiful church has many symbolic design features. For example, notice the two main walls flanking the entrance, these represent open stretched arms, welcoming all to worship God as one family.