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…Parents should be properly appreciated as active agents in catechesis…
Family catechesis is of great assistance as an effective method in training young parents to be aware of their mission as the evangelizers of their own family'

(Pope Francis)

Echoing the teachings of Pope Francis, we aim at encouraging and affirming families to become a place where 'the Good News resound, in good times and in bad, as a source of light along the way.'

There are many opportunities to live out the Christian virtues of 'hope, faith and love' but preparation for the sacraments and the continuous sharing of the Eucharist are special occasions for renewal and growing in faith.

We rejoice and welcome parents of all backgrounds who seek Baptism for their young children. It is our hope that they will be nurtured, renewed and equipped to live out their faith in their daily lives.

During the year of preparation for Reconciliation and Holy Communion, we invite children and their parents to explore the Catholic faith together. We provide a warm welcome, suitable resources, a team of volunteer catechists and a lot of enthusiasm.

As children develop into young adults, we strive to support families in living out their Christian faith in their daily lives, so that young people feel secure to explore and grow in their own spirituality. It is our hope that through the witness of their parents and the support of the parish, families will flourish so that they may serve the mission of the Church and reach out to others.

Please speak to a member of the clergy or any other member of the parish team if you need further information about evangelisation and catechesis at St Joseph's. Alternatively, please contact the parish office. We would love to hear from you!